Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Jedi: A Study in Blue

Greetings from obnoxious poking little brother land. Skotti was kind enough to finish another piece of fan art for one of my fics, and so I'm here to share it with you. ^_^
I wanted to do a Jedi character that isn't quite as assexual and cold as the Jedi 'norm' is in the prequel trilogy. You know, how the Jedi were written in the Expanded Universe books before Episode 1 came out, where they married and had children and parent trained child and such. So here's my Cordelia with one of the Eta-2 fighters from Episode 3. I think she captured what I was trying to do perfectly: warm and sensual without being over the top like Aayla "Oh crap we need to do something more with the Twi'leks before the feminists get on me for having an entire species of exotic dancers and prostitutes" Secura.

Way to go sis.

Way to go. :)