Monday, November 26, 2007

30 Minute Sketch

Today, I bring you Omega Red. I kinda went a more Psycho Mantis look with him. I always found the musclebound version a bit ridiculous, I mean, if he feeds on life energies, he's not going to be all hypermuscular.

So yeah.

Friday, November 23, 2007

30 Minute Sketch

So yeah, I'm back, after some soul searching, and a surprise IM from a personal idol. I'm reasserting myself into my work. So, here's the fruit of this new focus, as well as my entry into Digital Webbing's Hero Redesign contest.

I bring you, my vision of The Green Hornet.

•Growing up a young socialite, Brittany Reid, was a spoiled child. Her father the head of a cable news channel, she never was in need for anything. After the rampage of a disgruntled copy writer took the life of her father, Britt's life was changed forever. Wandering the country, living a reckless time of hedonism, a man from her family's past lead to her salvation.
Kato, the former manservant of Britt's grandfather and namesake, approached the hurting girl and offered her a new path. With training for the old man, and a mysterious benefactor, Britt has taken the role and title her grandfather held before....The Green Hornet.•